Coir Rubber Large Door Mat – Indoor Outdoor


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  • Large Door Mat
  • Rubber and 100% Coir 
  • Great Dirt Grabber 
  • Anti Slip Backing 
  • Low Profile Design 
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors

Product Description

RUBBER COIR DOOR MAT: This coir doormat with a beautiful rubber border, would make a welcoming addition to your doorway. Made from a tough blend of coconut fibres which is 100% natural coir eco-friendly material, protect your floors and help keep your home clean with our rubber coir door mat
LONG LASTING DURABLE MAT: This durable, long-lasting, and extremely absorbent doormat is perfect for all-purpose use. High-grade natural rubber is moulded with coir to provide your doorway with a durable barrier to keep your property clean.
DIRT TRAPPER: Our Mat is made to capture dirt from the surface and preserve it below it. Simply shake or remove all debris from your doormat, including grit, snow, dust, and muck.
NON SLIP DOOR MAT: The mat’s reverse is weather-proof and covered in high-quality PVC Rubber to assist you avoid slipping, sliding, or bunching up as you enter the house or prepare to leave for work.
INDOOR & OUTDOOR DOOR MAT: Indoor, outdoor, garden, apartment decor, front door, entryway, hall, patio, garage, bathroom, store welcome mat, or any location that sees a good amount of foot traffic. Perfect for keeping your floors clean
Your doorway would benefit from the addition of this charming rubber-bordered coir doormat. With our rubber coir door mat, which is made from a durable blend of coconut fibres and is 100% natural and eco-friendly, you can preserve your flooring and keep your house clean. This doormat is excellent for all purposes because it is strong, resilient, and incredibly absorbent. A sturdy barrier to keep your property clean is provided for your entryway by high-grade natural rubber that has been moulded with coir. Our Mat is designed to preserve dirt below the surface by collecting it there. Just shake or sweep away all dirt, snow, dust, and filth from your doormat. To help you prevent slipping, sliding, or bunching up as you enter the house or get ready to go for work, the reverse of the mat is weatherproof and covered in premium PVC Rubber. Any space with a lot of foot traffic, including indoors, outdoors, gardens, apartments, front doors, hallways, patios, garages, bathrooms, and welcome mats at stores. ideal for maintaining clean flooring

Additional Information

Weight 1.99 kg
Dimensions 75 × 45 × 2 cm

Diamond Welcome, Spiral Stripes


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