Himalayan Salt Lamps – with dimmer switch


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Himalayan Salt Lamps

  • 100% AUTHENTIC BEST QUALITY:  NATURAL HIMALAYAN SALT LAMPS are expertly hand-carved from authentic Himalayan Salt found only in Pakistan. These lamps are not modified but are in their natural organic design and shape.
  • AIR PURIFYING PROPERTIES: Pink Himalayan salt is known for its therapeutic health and air purifying properties. Our lamps emit a higher number of negative ions usually found on mountaintops, which purifies the air against allergens and pollutants to relieve stress.
  • HEALTH BENEFITS: Upon switching, the lamp releases negative salt ions that boost blood flow, improves sleep, increases level of serotonin in the brain, calm allergy or asthma symptoms with reduction in headaches and migraines, improved skin condition, less congestion and an increased sense of wellbeing. These negative ions also neutralises electromagnetic radiation from household electronics like T.V, Laptops and prevent the build-up of static electricity.
  • ACCESSORIES: It comes with a dummer switch that allows you to adjust the brightness of you salt lamp
  • Our top quality Salt Lamp comes with a 1.5m CE approved electrical cable and a 15 watt light bulb.
  • Its the perfect gift for your loved ones.

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