Retractable Coil Hose Pipe – 15 Metre / 50 feet


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  • 50 Feet Retractable Coil Hose Pipe with 5 function sprayer head
  • No Kinks, No hassle!
  • The unique spring design allows this garden coil hose to extend to 50 feet long with water pressure, satisfying a certain range of free use
  • Ideal for outdoors, gardens, yards, lawns, greenhouses, flowerbeds, etc.
  • This coil hose is more wear-resistant, which ensures your long using time
  • Easy to Use
  • 50-Feet long garden pipe is quite lightweight to water your beloved lawns, even for people with weak hands
  • Convenient to Store. It will recoil back to its original length due to its high flexibility, providing you with effortless storage and portability. And it will never kink, twist or tangle
  • Anti-corrosion solid brass connectors attach to most garden water faucets and spray nozzles
  • Garden Spray Gun Nozzle can be adjusted to give 5 spray patterns: flat, shower, mist, full, Sharp




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