Steam Power Mop Green


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The UK’s leading premium steam mop, the Power Steam Mop¬†combines massive steam blast with good weight and cleaning versatility.

Designed for the hygienic and effective cleaning of sealed laminate and hard floors, the steam being over 110 degrees, the Steam Power Mop comes with 2 cloth mops and carpet glider. You need 5-minutes from opening the box (handle assembly and mop head fitting) to start power steaming in and around the home.

The water tank detaches, so you take the water to the tap, and the Steam Power Mop is fitted with a filter – you must change this regularly and frequently if you live in a hard water area (if your kettles furs up, you’re in a hard water area). NEVER fill with boiled water.

The steam mop head is triangular shaped, it means you can clean in corners and the 360 degree ball joint means you can clean almost anywhere, the 5-metre powercord means hardly any need to have to unplug in use.

The handle folds for easy storage, and you can adjust the volume of steam to suit your floor and the ambient conditions prevailing at the time.

Available accessories include cloth mops and chenille mop head.


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