2 x Cotton Floor Mop with Long Handle Replacement 2 Microfiber Heads


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  • 100% Cotton Mop Heads
  • 135cm Long Metal Handle
  • Perfect Replacement Mops
  • Super Absorbent
  • For all types of Hard Floors
  • Universal Screw On Mop Socket

Product Description

  • 2 x Replacement Mops
  • Metal Long Handle.
  • Our cotton mops are excellent at cleaning and keeping your floors dry.
  • Because of its outstanding cleaning ability, absorbent qualities, and speedy clean-up of spills.
  • Our cotton mop head is a fantastic choice.
  • Our mop system includes an extra cotton mop head replacement and can be used as a commercial mop as well as in the home or office.
  • 135-centimeter metal long handle is a versatile tool with a sturdy grip and extended reach, ideal for tasks like cleaning
  • Its durable construction ensures ease of use and withstands frequent use
  • Its a reliable and long-lasting solution for tasks requiring an long reach.
  • This heavy duty floor cleaner mop will do the job with ease and is ideal for cleaning your floors at home, at the office, schools, fast-food chains, establishments, or in the public setting. 
  • ​The heavy-duty mop socket and yarn head are made of materials that guarantee their sturdiness and effective liquid absorption.
  • The versatility of our hard floor mop was considered during design. 
  • When cleaning difficult-to-reach areas, adjust your grip and angle. 
  • With our gentle and incredibly absorbent cotton mop, you can clean your floor without worrying about leaving any scratches. 
  • It can be used to clean laminate floors, wooden floors, bathrooms, kitchens, and concrete floors. 
  • ​You can even put it in the garage for this purpose.
  • PACKAGE INCLUDES – 2 x Cotton Mop Head, Long 1 x Stainless Steel Handle

Additional Information

Weight 0.560 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 135 cm


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